Octo is a boutique technology consulting and development start up that focuses on optimising business throughput by leveraging Next Generation Technology Paradigms.

Started in 2015, we have been working with myriad businesses  across industries and geographies.

The primary areas of our focus and interest are:

  1. Enterprise Software– Development of a full stack technology ecosystem for Food & Beverage businesses- Point of Sale, Inventory Management Systems, MIS, AppWebsite/App and Third Party Integrations
  2. Digital Marketing– 360 degree marketing and branding services around the internet. Service spectrum includes but not limited to social media marketing, CRM, mobile/web marketing, SEO and creative campaign.
  3. Research & Development– Our beginnings are deeply rooted in extensive research and analysis of new age management and technology frameworks. Our current areas of research are AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain Development and AR/VR

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